Green PET Wind Screen Fence for Petroleum Coke Dust Control | Dust Control Fence

Green PET Wind Screen Fence for Petroleum Coke Dust Control | Dust Control Fence

HESLY®Wind Screen fabric is knitted from industrial grade woven polyester, resistant to UV rays, inclement weather and extreme temperatures. Wind reduction of 75% or more can be realized and its use can offer significant saving over construction of storage buildings. Unlike other dust control technologies, HESLY® Wind Screen Fence Systems do not need to be powered, renewed, or require daily labour.

PET Wind Fence Fabric

Wind Define as movement of air from high pressure zone to low pressure zone.

A wind fence is typically defined as a porous structure that is placed on the upwind side of the area that one is trying to protect from the wind. To be effective, the fence must allow a certain percentage of wind to bleed through the fence to equalize the pressure differential on both sides.

Equalization of air pressure reduces the air velocities. By allowing some air to bleed through, the higher speed winds are deflected away from the downwind storage area as the wind then ‘sees’ medium air pressure already present at the stockpile location.

The end result can be wind reduction of over 50%.

HESLY Polyester Fabric Mesh Specs Sheet

Material Polyester (PET)
Wire Diameter 0.22mm
Hole Size 1mm to 2.0mm
Width 1m to 4.0m
Length 20m to 100m
Color Green, Blue, Grey, Black etc
NOTE OEM, ODM are available----HeslyFence


The design basis of wind fence and dust suppression:

  • We design our products according to common problems in storage yards and their expected effects after improvement.
  • Our designs are based on the site plan and surrounding facilities.
  • Accurate information on the height of the petroleum coke storage yard and height of operating equipment.
  • Information about local maximum wind speed, wind pressure and dominant wind direction.
  • Geological reports on the location of the project.
  • Approximate budget for installing wind and dust suppression.

Reference Images of HESLY Polyester Wind Fence

PET Wind Barrier Fabric PET Wind Screen Fence
PET Wind Screen Fencing Polyester Wind Barrier China


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